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Our Main Mission and goals is to perform as an industry leader for the procurement of both cost effective and quality engineering ceramics machines, delivered with knowledgeable backup and service. We are specialized in manufacturing all type of ceramics related machinery we also provide mass production plants and equipment related to ceramics tableware production such as Ball mills, variety of DE-airing Pug mills, Filter-presses and diaphragm pumps, Automatic Jiggering machine for plates, cup & saucer, bowels and special jerk machines for Juicer Mug production and many other types of equipment’s (vibrate sieve, magnet tub, plungers slow/fast and crusher). We consistently develop and provide our customers with the technology, products and services that generate new value. we also provides many ceramics art base equipment's(modeling wheels, hand jiggers, throwing wheels, Jar roller mills, furnaces, ball mill and pug mills for laboratories purpose). We serve the ceramics industry of Pakistan since 1960 and now become a market leader in making ceramics machinery in Pakistan.

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